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PRED-164 – English Subbed The repatriated girl is bossed by a middle-aged boss having sex. Reona Kirishima is an expat Latina girl who studies in Japan with a scholarship. She begins to look for a part-time job too because she wants to send money to her Mother who lives abroad and struggles.
She gets interviewed by the manager at a local coffee shop, where she gets hired. She works alongside the middle-aged manager and another young male employee.
– Pornstars: Leona Kirishima
– DVD ID: PRED-164
– Release Date: July 04, 2019
– Runtime: 149min. (HD: 149min.)
– Director: Hiromichi Hose
– Studio: PREMIUM
– Label: Elegance
– Channel: Playgirl, PRIME
– Content ID: pred00164
– DVD ID: PRED-164
– Languages: Japanese
– s19-subjav-[PRED-164]

PRED-164 Repatriated Girl Impregnated Leona Kirishima (Subbed)
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