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OKSN-197 – English sub I Can’t Stop Thinking About Her Awesome Cleavage. Erika Kitagawa is a story very straightforward and simple: It’s a sexually frustrated Mom who has no husband at the moment living with his son who has a serious case of Mom fetish. He begins to get boners in the mornings and also begin to fancy his mother Erika Kitagawa at pretty much the same time.
Mommy Erika, who is a seriously exuberant MILF, handles the situation in a way that can only be described as bad parenting…
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– Pornstars: Erika Kitagawa
– DVD ID: OKSN-197
– Release Date: May 30, 2014
– Runtime: 120min. (HD: 120min.)
– Studio: ABC / Mousouzoku
– Label: Okasan dot com / ABC
– Channel: Mosozoku, PRIME
– Content ID: oksn00197
– Series: The Charming Cleavage That Is Always Dis…
– s44-subjav-(English sub) I Can’t Stop Thinking About Her Awesome Cleavage

OKSN-197 Her Awesome Cleavage – Erika Kitagawa (sub)
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