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HND-723 – English Subbed I’m Telling You I Have No Semen Left, features Eimi Fukada as the Succubus who descends into the human world in order to steal sperm from the men who are about to have pregnancy sex with their partner, or when the “secret word” is spoken. She also has a time-stopping device that she uses to “time-stop” everybody except the male. So she stops things up, steals the sperm, and time-cancels again fading again. Smooth.
– Pornstars: Eimi-Fukada
– DVD ID: HND-723
– Release Date:Sept. 21, 2019
– Runtime: 152min. (HD: 152min.)
– Director: Nao Masaki
– Studio: Hon Naka
– Label: Hon Naka
– Content ID: hnd00723
– Languages:Japanese
– s21-subjav-[HND-723]

HND-723 Eimi Fukada (English Subbed)
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