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ABP-171 – English Subbed, My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Is A Horny Bitch Who Leads Me To Temptation Erika Momotani, The decensored version was pretty popular, so here’s the subbed version in FHD.
On the plot, Erika Momodani’s little sister has a boyfriend now and they are having sex on the house. Erika is horny as she cannot hold herself to try to steal the boyfriend. They all end up having a bizarre 3P in the house, that to be honest, was too sweet.
Pretty epic video with many good moments. Erika Momodani was stunningly beautiful, and so it was Kagami Shuna as the lil’ sister. Quite surprising to see her acting in prestige as a mere sidekick for Erika. Such a luxurious collaboration. But that works, and it doesn’t get much better than that, good effort

– Pornstars: Erika Momotani
– DVD ID: ABP-171
– Release Date: July 18, 2014
– Runtime: 128min. (HD: 128min.)
– Director: Piero Da
– Studio: Prestige
– Content ID: 118abp00171
– Series: Her Older Sister Is Just Asking To Get F…
– s21-subjav-[HND-723

ABP-171 – Elder Sister Erika Momotani (English Subbed)
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